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Wayne Digby Sustainable Energy Award

The Wayne Digby Sustainable Energy award is dedicated to the advancement of students in grades 11 and 12 that are intending to pursue post-secondary education in the environmental science field. This includes studies in electrical or solar education, as well as other forms of post-secondary education in the environmental science field. The student does not need to be currently enrolled in the post-secondary program but does need to indicate which program they plan to take.

The award will be $400 and will be presented to the winner at the ManSEA conference held annually each April.
Award Submission Outline.

The student must complete a bio submission accompanied by an essay about their project or area of study. The focus of this project should be on renewable or sustainable energy. For example, this could be a science project, recycling program, or heat recovery. The essay should include the following:

  • Purpose statement

  • Information/data collection methods

  • Preparations made to collect information/data

  • Description of research methods used

  • Analysis and summary of information/data collected

  • Challenges faced during the project

Submission intake is from September 7th to March 4th annually. Submissions should be sent to

The award winner will be notified 2 weeks prior to ManSEA’s annual conference. The award will be presented at the conference where the winning student will make a brief presentation of their winning submission.

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