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Solar Panels

Sustainable Energy Resources


Canadian Renewable Energy Association

WindShare - WindShare is an innovative wind power co-operative, the first of its kind in Canada. WindShare is a joint partner in Canada’s premier urban wind turbine located at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario.


National Council for Solar Growth - A non-profit group with a mission to educate homeowners and businesses about the economic and environmental benefits of PV solar. Their primary objective is to influence a greater number of solar panel installations in homes, schools, and businesses across the US and the rest of the world at an accelerating pace.

Canadian Solar Industries Association

Solar Energy Industries Association - This US Solar Energy Industries Association site provides excellent information on the solar energy industry along with many resources for those interested in Solar.

SolarShare - Canada’s leading renewable energy co-op developing commercial scale solar energy installations for Ontario residents.


Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance - A wealth of information about Geothermal in Manitoba.

Manitoba Hydro - Learn more about Geothermal Heat Pump Systems, its benefits and whether is it right for your home.


BiomassBrokerage - Find your fuel

Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP) – REAP is a research, consulting and international development organization that focuses on creating ecological solutions for food, fibre and energy production challenges.

Switchgrass Pellet Stove – A technology developed by REAP (see above) that provides a low-cost fuel source for heating.

Fuel For the Future - “Fuel for the Future in Uganda” Biochar Project in Uganda featuring the use of biochar as an energy source.

Firewood Manitoba


Community Sustainable Energy

Saskatchewan's SES Solar Co-Op Ltd. - Renewable energy toolkit: a guide for renewable energy co-operatives' development and success in Saskatchewan.

Association for Decentralised Energy - In the United Kingdom is the leading decentralized energy advocate, focused on creating a more cost-effective, efficient and user-orientated energy system. Check out their resources for community energy development.

TREC is Canada’s leader in the development of community owned renewable energy. Check out the Report on The Power of Community.

Other Associations

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