Webinar Presentations

ManSEA 2021 Virtual Conference - Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

March 23, 2021 - Solar Energy and Storage Innovations and Energy Planning and Public Perceptions


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March 30, 2021 - Bioenergy New Technologies


  • Dr. Richard Grosshans, Lead, Bioeconomy International Institute for Sustainable Development

"Clean Sustainable Biomass Energy through Management of Natural Infrastructure (water retention and remediation)"

  • Cam Cornelsen, Co-owner of Triple Green Products and Co-founder of Norstar Industries.

"Biomass Energy - A Solution to Many of Our Challenges"

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April 6, 2021 - New Innovations in Sustainable Energy


  • Dennis St. George, Agricultural Engineer and the Principal of SANDGEO

The Future Of Electric Traction, Implements & Farms "Where Biomass Will Play A Role"

  • Jack Winram, Executive Director, Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA)

Supporting the Creation of New Jobs in the Sustainable Energy and Related Fields

  • Marissa Smirl, Riddell Student Hub

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The First Biomass Boiler in a Public School in Manitoba – Primary Heat Source

This webinar was presented through a partnership between MEIA and the Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association (ManSEA)

Presenters were:

Claude Plante, Facility Maintenance and Safety Supervisor at Prairie Rose School Division

Nathan Waldner, Mechanical Department Manager and Service Technician at SIM Enterprises, Lowe Farm, Manitoba

The Presenters described how they are using biomass energy to replace fossil fuels to heat school division facilities at St. Eustache, Manitoba. The webinar included a description of the overall project including partners involved; boiler and boiler technology; biomass feedstock; the challenges in introducing a technology new to the area and the lessons learned.

To learn more view the webinar presentation at:

Optimizing Geothermal Design Webinar

This webinar was presented through a partnership between MEIA and the Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association (ManSEA)

Presenters were:

Ed Lohrenz, GEOptimize Inc.

In his presentation Ed included what a geothermal heat pump system is, important considerations in designing a system, success stories (and examples of why a design was not as successful as it could have been), design process, feasibility assessment software and the benefits of monitoring ground heat exchanger performance over the life of the building.

Eric Souque, Efficiency Manitoba

Eric shared information about the commercial offers from Efficiency Manitoba, and specifically their Ground Source Heat Pump incentive.

To access this Optimizing Geothermal Design Webinar presentation please contact MEIA at admin@meia.mb.ca or (204) 783-7090. There is a charge of $15+GST.

Indigenous Clean Energy Webinar

This webinar, took a closer look at how Indigenous communities and peoples are leading the way for Canada’s clean energy transition. Presenters were from the Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise (ICE) – Canada’s leading non-profit for Indigenous clean energy capacity-building. They discussed how they have helped advance broad sustainable prosperity by supporting First Nation, Inuit and Métis clean energy participation and leadership from coast-to-coast-to-coast. ICE is an open and inclusive community where Indigenous peoples and allies strengthen their capacity and relationships by engaging in intensive collaboration to make clean energy projects a reality.

Presented by Eryn Stewart, Terri Lynn Morrison, and Darrell Brown

To access this excellent webinar please follow this link: https://vimeo.com/480906431