Curt Hull Bio

Curt Hull P. Eng.

Curt Hull, P.Eng. has a consulting practice in sustainability and is Project Director of Climate Change Connection in Winnipeg. Prior to his involvement in climate change, he worked for 23 years as Director of Quality Systems with a Winnipeg-based electronics design and manufacturing company. While there, he helped that company grow from 12 people in a small, local facility to an international concern with factories and offices in 5 countries, and over 1000 employees. Curt changed careers in 2007 and began educating Manitobans about climate change and connecting with groups working on solutions. He joined Climate Reality Project Canada (CRPC) and was trained by US Vice-president Al Gore in Nashville in 2010. He is now on the CRPC national Board of Directors.

Curt is working with many groups in Manitoba to create a fossil-fuel free future. He works with many NGOs, universities & colleges, as well as all levels of government. He was one of the founders of the Manitoba Climate Action Team, Bike Winnipeg, and Bike Week Winnipeg. He is currently vice-chair on the board of Sustainable Building Manitoba. In 2016, he completed work with AKI Energy and Northlands Dënesųłiné First Nation to develop a sustainability plan to move the community of Lac Brochet off of their reliance on diesel fuel for heat and electricity. His work continues and has expanded to sustainability projects in other First Nations communities in Northern Manitoba. Since 2018, he has been working on various climate change task groups and initiatives for Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. This work currently includes Project Manager of the Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) project for the Association.