ManSEA 2022 Conference

On the Road to Net-Zero by 2050

April 6, 2022

William Glesby Centre, Portage La Prairie

On the Road to Net-Zero by 2050

ManSEA is excited to be hosting “On the Road to Net-Zero by 2050”, our annual conference highlighting sustainable energy in Manitoba and beyond.

Please join us on April 6, 2022 at the William Glesby Centre in Portage La Prairie to learn about strategies for the use of sustainable energy in reducing both carbon emissions and energy costs.

Conference Program

8:30 - 9:15 Registration & Refreshments - Time to Visit Displays

Morning Sessions

"Renewable Energy's Role in the Road to Resilience" - Curt Hull

  • Hydro has published estimates of the power and energy required to heat all of our buildings and charge all of our vehicles electrically. Roughly speaking, those estimates call for a doubling of current generation. This has been justification for some to throw up their hands and say “See, it can’t be done”. We beg to differ. Not only must it be done, we believe that the Road to Resilience: Energy Solutions shows that it can be done. And it can be done without experimental technologies, new dams, or nuclear.

  • Curt Hull, P.Eng. has a consulting practice in sustainability and is Project Director of Climate Change Connection in Winnipeg.

  • Curt is working with many groups in Manitoba to create a fossil-fuel free future. He works with many NGOs, universities & colleges, as well as all levels of government. He was one of the founders of the Manitoba Climate Action Team, Bike Winnipeg, and Bike Week Winnipeg. He is currently vice-chair on the board of Sustainable Building Manitoba.

  • Curt Hull Bio - Click Here

"Efficiency Manitoba's Role in Achieving a Sustainable Energy Future" - Michael Stocki, Efficiency Manitoba

  • Michael Stocki, Vice-president, Efficiency Programs, at Efficiency Manitoba will present details of their latest programs to encourage and support the adoption of sustainable energy sources throughout Manitoba.

"Building and Living in a Passive House in Manitoba" - Randy Webber

  • Randy Webber will speak about his personal experience with building and living in a passive home.

  • Randy has worked in the Manitoba Environment Sector for over 30 years. His current focus is on education and training.

  • For the past 2 years Randy has coordinated the "Back Haul Project", an initiative aimed at supporting waste diversion in remote First Nation Communities.

  • He and his partner play, work and live in their Passive House in the Manitoba Interlake.

"My On-Grid Solar Energy Experience" - Doug Barker (Virtual Presentation)

  • Doug Barker will speak about his experience installing and operating an on-grid solar system at his home near Kleefeld, Manitoba.

Lunch Provided on Site - Time to Network & Visit Displays

Afternoon Sessions

"The Energy Advisor training program and housing energy audits" - Jack Winram, Executive Director, Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA)

Jack will update you on the Energy Advisors (EAs) training program. This program was developed as per the federal government's Greener Homes initiative to meet the need for Energy Advisors (EAs) to help deliver the one million EnerGuide rating services for eligible homes in Canada. The micro-credential courses are targeted for Manitobans currently working in the fields of construction, trades or engineering, to provide necessary up-skilling. The program was designed to help learners acquire the knowledge and specialized skills to get certified as an EA and pass the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) federal examination.

"A panel discussion surrounding the opportunities and challenges related to the increased use of sustainable energy in Manitoba"

"Renewable microgrids using battery storage, hydrokinetic/tidal turbines, solar photovoltaic, and biomass organic Rankin cycle" - Dr. Eric L. Bibeau, P.Eng, Professor, U of M.

  • Eric Bibeau will showcase recent work to develop and test microgrid systems using kinetic turbines at the CHTTC located on the Winnipeg River in Manitoba, marine turbines at SOAR located in Grand Passage, Nova Scotia; and biomass organic Rankin cycle in three diesel First Nations in Manitoba. The design of these microgrids will be presented along with the status of each project.

  • Dr. Eric Bibeau - Bio Click Here


4:15 - 4:30 Closing Remarks

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