About us

Who We Are

The Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association was incorporated in 2005 in order to bring a unified voice to renewable energy policy in Manitoba.


  • Is not for profit and non-partisan

  • Works with partners to encourage and support sustainable energy

  • Is volunteer-based and managed by an elected board of directors

What Drives Us

  • We believe that long term prosperity and quality of life requires less dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Our work is focused on exploring pathways for transitioning to renewable energy sources in Manitoba.

  • We see a strong connection between energy use and rural economic development.


The Mission of ManSEA is to promote the use and production of renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy in Manitoba


Enhance sustainable energy policy and programs in Manitoba

Provide information on sustainable energy opportunities

Encourage the development of community energy projects

Encourage the development of sustainable energy educational opportunities within Manitoba schools

Contact Information

Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association

Email: info@mansea.org

ManSEA Secretary Treasurer

Sarah Neil

Email: secretary@mansea.org