Biomass - The Manitoba Bioproducts Strategy, Province of Manitoba - Biomass Energy, Energy Division, Province of Manitoba  - “find your fuel” 

   - If you are…

  • a biomass producer or processor wanting to sell
  • a biomass user—or potential biomass user—looking to buy a business, institution, or individual wondering about biomass heating for your building or home
  • a business wanting to ship or store biomass
  • a biomass heating system designer, manufacturer, retailer, or installer looking to find customers

    …then this is the website you’re looking for - Manitoba Hydro’s Bioenergy Optimization Program Demonstration Projects and the current Power Smart Programs offering support for biomass -to-energy conversion systems – Renewable Energy Research, Dr. Eric Bibeau, University of Manitoba.

Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP) – REAP is a research, consulting and international development organization that focuses on creating ecological solutions for food, fibre and energy production challenges

Switchgrass Pellet Stove – A technology developed by REAP (see above) that provides a low-cost fuel source for heating.  - Learn about the use of flax shives as a biomass energy source for heating Vanderveens Greenhouses in Carman, Manitoba - “Fuel for the Future in Uganda”  Biochar Project in Uganda featuring the use of biochar as an energy source. - Firewood Manitoba