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Feed-In Tariffs

Feed-In Tariffs (FITs), sometimes called Standard Offer Contracts (SOCs) or Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ARTs), are are designed to stimulate the rapid development of renewable energy technologies, and act as a method for stimulating the further development of renewable energy capacity.

Feed-In Tariffs permit the interconnection of renewable sources of electricity with the electric-utility network and at the same time specify how much the renewable generator is paid for their electricity. FITs are widely used in Nothern Europe and are gaining popularity in North America. More information can be found at

Feed-In Tariffs and ManSEA

British Columbia Advisory Council Calls for Feed-in Tariffs (October 26, 2007) - An advisory council to British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell has recommended that the Canadian province adopt feed-in tariffs for new sources of renewable energy.

BC Hydro Announces Standing Offer Program (June 20, 2007) - In support of the Province of British Columbia's Energy Plan, BC Hydro has released the draft terms and conditions for a Standing Offer Program for clean electricity projects of up to 10 megawatts.

Quebec Union of Municipalities calls for SOCs (December 1, 2006) - The Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Union of Municipalities of Quebec (UMQ) passed a resolution calling for Standard Offer Contracts in for wind energy in Quebec similar to those in Ontario at their December 1 board meeting in Montreal.

Washington Post Article About SOCs in Ontario (October 12, 2006) - This article, from the Washington Post, which is one of the USA's "newspapers of record", describes the deployment of SOCs in Ontario.

Standard Offer Contracts and ManSEA - ManSEA is supportive of the use of Standard Offer Contracts in Manitoba. This PowerPoint slide show presentation describes the background, context and position of ManSEA on SOCs.

CBC's Metro Morning Program on June 28, 2006 Describes SOCs - Participants include Germany's Hermann Scheer and Ontario's Mary Wiens and Jed Goldberg (9 MB audio file).